Services Offered:


Quality Sprinkler Repairs

When you have a broken sprinkler in your system, or a sprinkler zone that won't turn on, or need a sprinkler timer programmed, Sprinkler Master here in Castle Rock is here to help you out. We do quality repairs with industry-grade parts. When we repair your system, you won't have to worry about it for years

Don't spend countless hours digging up your yard looking for a pipe leak or a buried sprinkler head, just Call Sprinkler Master!

Best Sprinkler Installation

New Sprinkler System installations done by the best. Sprinkler Master custom designed sprinkler systems fit your yard like a glove.

Get a sprinkler system designed for your needs. Drip lines, garden box sprinklers, high risers, water-efficient sprinklers, smart timers, and any other feature you need in your system is one call away. Call now to get a quote for your brand-new sprinkler system!

Sprinkler Winterizations/Activations

When the seasons change in Castle Rock, you need to have your sprinkler system ready!

Winterization services from us always follow our 5 step checklist, so your system has the best chance of protection from freeze damage.

Activation (or start-up, or initialization) of a sprinkler system has to be done in the spring or early summer in order for a sprinkler system to work. Careful steps have to be taken to avoid damaging the system. We can get your system up and running quickly and safely, and repair any damage done by the harsh winter months.